Red Farm NYC - Holy $@!& That Was Stellar!

Red Farm NYC - The Dumpies Review

Red Farm NYC Star Rating

As always, I love to start off with a plain and simple rating. Red Farm NYC gets a 4.8 Star Rating - such an easy score to hand out, and I can’t imagine this could drop any time in the near future. Local to NYC? You must’ve dropped in at one point. Touring or stopping in for a quick visit? Make time for Red Farm. It’s well worth it, and the price points don’t absolutely destroy your wallet.

While this is of course a review, I’d like to say Rest In Piece Ed Schoenfeld who passed in 2022. Although my interest and excitement for Asian Cuisine sparked after his passing, I look forward to looking back on his previous work to find inspiration. The impact he made as a chef, restauranteur, and a ‘walking encyclopedia of Chinese food’, will continue to push me to explore. Thank you, Ed!

Let's get into the details!

Overall Ambiance

My time at Red Farm NYC truly felt like a dream. The ambiance was friendly, not too loud, and inviting. It wasn’t too dark or bright but had the perfect lighting for anyone to enjoy their night out with friends or family. If you want a more private date night spot, I believe they have booths, however, they were PACKED (great sign) so we were seated in a fairly tight two top within a forearms length away from another two top. The gossip was HOT for my partner and I though, so that was something to giggle about during and after.

First Dish

I started off with one of their signature dishes: Pac-Man Dumplings. The presentation alone was astounding - shaped and molded like a Pac-Man eating the dumplings! I had to snap a few pictures before even taking a bite, which I normally never do because I simply jump right in.

The flavors of the dish were out of this world. Cooked to perfection, and paired nicely with the handmade dumpling wrappers that were slightly chewy but still retained its softness. The dipping sauce was not too sweet nor too sour, and added to the overall flavor of the dish. It was awesome!

Second Dish

I caught word of the Oxtail Dumplings and absolutely had to try them, especially since it was one of Chef Ed’s signature dishes. What can I say? The flavors were simply amazing. The Oxtail Dumplings were cooked to absolute perfection and the dumpling wrappers stayed true to their softness even after soaking up all of the oxtail sauce.

The beef was extremely tender, breaking apart with each bite as if it melted in my mouth. I personally preferred this dish more than Pac-Man due to its richness in flavor and creaminess that made me crave it for seconds.


My experience at Red Farm NYC far exceeded my expectations, and they were HIGH already going in! I shared amazing dishes with my amazing partner and got to really dive into some truly wild flavors. It’s no wonder why this spot has become so popular over the years - it is truly a gem to be experienced. If you haven’t been yet, I highly recommend visiting Red Farm NYC sometime in the near future! You won't regret it!

For those who might want to know - we had a total of 2 drinks split between the two of us and tried four (4) of their main dishes (mainly dumplings). The total came out to just around $140 before tip, so I'd put this in the $$-$$$ price range! Well worth the price, and looking forward to getting back there ASAP. Hopefully this kicks some people in the butt to get there too!

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