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This 'Off-Site' selection is handpicked and are products sold on Amazon. I can't offer these, so I decided to become an affiliate of them so I can still share them with you here.

Sold on Amazon

Well... it's only awkward if you make it awkward. Amazon is about as safe as it gets.

Fulfilled by Amazon

I can't come close to their shipping times.. like at all. And you have Prime? Don't waist it!

Amazon Prices

I mean... let's be honest. I'd LOVE to sell this all. But I also genuinely care that you get a fair price.

Here's the thing..

🚩I do not sell these. You heard that right. These will take you to where you can buy them though! (Don’t worry, it’s Amazon). Hence ‘Off-Site’. I think these are some epic products that I wish I could provide, but I couldn't offer at nearly the same price... soon! Until then, I try to rotate through some I think we can all agree are epic.

My Favorite Sauce

Fly by Jing

$14.99 - $44.95

"Where highly charged flavors meet 100% real ingredients." Which I 100% agree with. This is by far the most delicious sauce and brand I've ever had. My #1 choice for dumpling sauce, but in reality I use it on way more and will continue to.

The flavors are bold and yet somehow complimentary of whatever you pair it with. This is also a small family owned business which is another enormous plus to me. Made and sourced in small batches from Chengdu China, you can taste the care they put into this.

11/10 Rating

Get the best dumpling sauce

Sold on Amazon, Fulfilled by Amazon, Offers by Amazon.

Amazon-Affiliate Reviews


These are reviews from people who have reached out that have purchased through these Amazon Affilliate products.

Luke Emia

Straight forward

It's Amazon, I have Prime so it made sense to use.

Fratelli Brother

Direct to Amazon

In Italy, my brother would always say, "Trust Amazon" 🤌

Jack Pott

Definitely a winner

Go the Fly By Jing trio - definitely agreed on it being great.

Yes, these are products I am Amazon 'Affilliates' of...

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I understand this isn't all too conventional, so naturally questions may follow. These are here purely because I am unable to offer them, or because the stores have an excellent reputation and are trustworthy. And let's be honest, it's on Amazon.. it's a trusted service by millions AND if you have Prime, I feel like this is a win-win for everyone involved.

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