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All I want is a safe space to find awesome Asian Cuisine anywhere I go. I can't imagine I'm the only person who wants this. Now that resulted in a small Discord server that you can join!

PS This is very new and I wanted to dive in and grow with this community. Everyone starts somewhere. I'd love recommendations for channels and spaces you'd like to see and contribute to.

Favorite Channels

I'll probably keep em all open and ready to hit anyone back. Looking into fun and creative ways to get some info in their consistently! Regardless of how it gets in there, or who shows up, I am looking forward to meeting and speaking and sharing my favorite local spots!


Pretty straight forward, this will get you in and started in the discord server! Come in and be welcome 24/7!


I want to hear what YOU think. And other people do too! Let's share with each other and while at it, we could be help[ing some small businesses out too. That local spot around the corner? I want to try that!


It wouldn't be my business if there wasn't some humor and light hearted memes being thrown around. This is the spot that I'm most excited about for the laughs.

Why Should YOU Join?

  • 1. Restaurant Recommendations
  • 2. Recipe Exchange
  • 3. Community (Annual) Events
  • 4. Dumpling Challenges & Recipe Reveals
  • 5. Exclusive Dumpling Nut Discounts
  • 6. Much More...

A Sneak Peak Into Discord

I am so excited to give this a go and meet everyone who cares to get involved.

Questions, Comments, & Recommendations

Share Them All Here!

I think it would be super fun to get really active in Discord with a small (or large) group of people who are all foodies. Especially a spot for everyone to share, exchange, and explore Asian-Cuisine. If you want that or something similar, I'd love to hear!

Community faq's


This is a work in-progress Discord. I'll be answer to some, but a lot of what is to come will be based on your feedback and suggestions! This is not my Discord. This is 100% meant to be OUR Discord.

Schedule for activity TBD - Daily activity may varyDiscord servers open 24/7 for all members