Hi there,

I'm Dumpling Nut!

My real name is Greg, and I'm just your average bloke running around making horrendous dad jokes and pushing boundaries (respectfully). Let's break this down though, and I'll be as transparant as possible.

Who the $#%& is Greg?

It's me! And I am Dumpling Nut 👋

I thought a chart would be nice to break down the basics so you can get some simple 'yes and no' questions and answers out of the way off the bat.

How old are you?


That’s clearly not a yes or no question…

Do you offer free shipping?


I will always make an effort to ensure there are no hidden fees when you get to checkout (those suck). Explore the store and see what I mean!

Do you have any deals or discounts available?


Right now I have a buy 2+ and get 20% off storewide deal running. A lot (like the ceramic saucers) are great to get 2+ of too!

Any suggestions? Warnings?


Definitely love the chopsticks - highly suggest those! Although I don’t believe I have any warnings, I run this solo. So your patience is greatly appreciated when it comes to my response times and any shipping issues that can absolutely happen (although not common)

Can I help?

Yes please!

I’d actually love your help! The best way to help me is to leave honest reviews, share feedback with me via email AND give suggestions on restaurants you love that are Asian cuisine inspired and have stellar dumplings 🥟 For suggestions and feedback please visit my Contact Page!

#1 Reason

For money, duh. Do you think I would create another job for myself just purely out of my burning passion for Asian Cuisine and dumplings? Or, maybe more obviously because I want to teach my son that his dreams and aspirations are achievable? NO, it's for that sweet sweet cash!

Give Me Money!

These are some remarks my family has said.. yes, to my face.


I've been told the best way to get to know someone is by butting into their private life via gossiping with their loved ones.

My Mother

She gave my 4 stars WOW

Greg was a lot to handle growing up, what else can I say?

My Father

Well, if I'm being honest 3 stars isn't bad here

He once peed on me as a baby when I changed his diapers, never forgave him after.

My Wife

I've gone ahead and censored this

* *** ***** **** ***** ****** ***** *** ** ****! ***** **** *** ****.

(If you can decipher this, you'll earn my respect)

My Bestfriend

The ONLY 5 star rating

** no official comment **

In case you're new here..

The whole point of this website is to give myself and my family an excuse to continue to enjoy exploring Asian Cuisine (mainly Dumplings) and to share with everyone who is willing to hear what we have to say. This is 100% dedicated to my son.

100% Transparant

I really do want to be as transparant as possible here. I'd like the chance to earn that trust.

While we’re being honest, I have dyslexia… you will absolutely find spelling errors and grammatical errors around. Do let me know!

100% Playful

This is a passion project, and as small as it is… I truly love and enjoy doing this. I've taken the liberty to inject a lot of my humor and satirical rhetoric around the website, but also some hidden codes, riddles, and straight up a game (find it).

100% + 100% = 200%

Yea, let's be real. I can't be 100% in two different spaces, but the reality is I will do my best to offer steller service, stellar products, and hopefully a stellar time when exploring this website.


I'll do my best to answer any and all questions, but so far they've been all over the place. Sooooo... this is a shot in the dark.

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