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Shipping & Returns FAQ

I do my best. Shouldn’t that be enough? No, of course not. You deserve better than my best. All of you do.

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Customer Support FAQ

Give your customers useful information about your products and showcase differences between them.

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How do I contact you?

I do my best to respond within 24 hours between the hours of 9am - 5pm EST Monday - Friday excluding weekends and holidays.

Signing up an account

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You can do so by clicking on the link, or during the checkout process! It helps expedite the process when you come back to grab that second set.

How to update account details

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You can change your password or update you email from this link. You can also contact me if you have further questions!

Any benefits to signing up?


When you sign up, expect to receive periodic unique deals and products via email. Not too often, but at no monthly charge it’s definitely worth it.

Rules & Policies FAQ

Being a small business, I treat these policies as a guideline to running this business as fair as possible. I strongly encourage and darn near demand mutual respect. Thank you in advance and please review these and contact me for any questions or concerns.

Terms of Use (Policy)

A brief summary of rules for using the website, ensuring a positive experience for everyone.

Privacy Policy

An overview of how we protect your personal information, ensuring its confidentiality.

Refund Policy

A detailed explanation of the process for handling returns, cancellations, and refunds for purchases made on this website.

Questions or Conerns?

I'm here to help where I can. I understand your question may not be here, visit my contact page to reach me directly.

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