Takara Ramen Review RVA - Great Experience Great Food

Takara Ramen Review RVA - Great Experience Great Food

Nestled in the heart of Henrico, VA, Takara Ramen stands out as a hidden gem that promises a delightful culinary adventure. With its cozy, homey atmosphere and exceptional dishes, this ramen haven has long since become a favorite among locals and visitors alike. After our visit (granted it's been a bit of time that has past), I’m thrilled to share my experience, which I rate an impressive 4.6 out of 5.

Quick Note: Hello all! It's been a while... and this is a post I've been sitting on. Being a father has truly kicked my butt, it's now been over a YEAR WOW. Now I'd like to ease myself back into the drivers seat of this foodie blog, and continue to explore my love of Asian Cuisine with anyone who also loves food (Dumplings to be exact). So.... Let's go!

Table of Contents

1. Ambiance and Atmosphere

2. The Menu: What We Got!

3. The Star of the Show: The Broth

4. Overall Rating

Ambiance and Atmosphere

Although I don't normally comment on things like this, I am finding it more and more relevant to how it impacts the taste. I really do think it can make or break your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Takara Ramen strikes a perfect balance between a hidden gem and a relaxing home-cooked space. It's wildly appealing to me, and sort of hit home the experience for me. The decor is minimalist yet charming, with wooden tables, soft lighting, and subtle Japanese accents- it all adds up to a space I would gladly go back to.

The Menu: What We Got!

Takara Ramen’s menu is a celebration of authentic Japanese cuisine. From traditional ramen bowls to delectable appetizers, there’s something to please every palate. The variety ensures that whether you’re a ramen aficionado or a newcomer, you’ll find a dish that suits your taste. We decided to tackle:

Takara Tonkotsu Ramen: A rich and creamy pork broth ramen. (This is what I got) The broth was AMAZING, and I mean that, really packed full of flavor and could stand on it's own OR play the support role for everything else. And the portion size was absolutely spot on. Anymore and I would've been wheeled out!

 Chashu Bun: Steamed buns & pork belly, scallion, cucumber, and spicy mayo. it's only 1 piece, but really the size of the ramen (get the dang ramen... it's a ramen house!) the 1 piece is all you need. I don't think you can mess up pork belly for me, and then savory + light and refreshing. Great combo. Greta starter.

Gyoza: Perfectly pan-fried dumplings. (You know I got these!) Although not my favorite gyoza, it was more than welcome. I likely won't get these when I come back, they're really your standard gyoza. This is not a slight against them, I just want to adventure outside of the standard dumpling. They more than surpass expectation elsewhere, here I'm just happy they weren't 'less than'. The menu is smaller but 100% will exchange these for something out next trip, and excited to do so.   

Takoyaki: Savory octopus balls drizzled with a delicious sauce. (We shared this) The sauce really made this pop, I've not had these before our visit. For octopus which I think is typically bland and needs a lot of work to elevate it's flavor profile, I was happy with how they used the sauce to lift it!

The Star of the Show: The Broth

The standout part of my experience at Takara Ramen was, without a doubt, the broth. They went absolutely crazy throwing that broth together, showcasing the depth and complexity of flavors that only a meticulously crafted broth can offer. The balance of savory, umami, and a hint of sweetness made it absolutely perfect. It’s clear that a lot of care and time goes into preparing the broth, making it the true hero of the ramen bowls.

Overall Rating

4.6 out of 5 for Takara Ramen in Henrico/Richmond VA! Well deserved and well earned. These guys are local legends, and although a smaller venue, they pack an absolute punch in flavor. I really do look forward to going back. 

Whether you’re a local looking for a new spot to check out or someone passing through hungry for a bowl of ramen and or eager to explore the culinary scene, Takara Ramen is sure to leave a lasting impression.

For more foodie adventures and restaurant reviews, stay tuned to The Dumpies. And don’t forget to visit Takara Ramen next time you’re in Henrico/Richmond VA – your taste buds will thank you!

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