The Dumpies

Yes… it’s The Dumpies. The next Michelin Star equivalent for those who love dumplings, Asian-Cuisine, and generally regards themselves as a ‘foodie’. I $&%@ love food unapologetically and if you enjoy dumplings and a hint of satirical rhetoric, this blog is for you.

New Blogs Will Continue Shortly! Life UPDATE.

(I can't go out every weekend to review + I've got a newborn ya'll)

Here I want you to be able to explore with me some awesome restaurants that are well known, some that are off the map, and others that are small family-owned + ALL the inbetween. If you have suggestions, want to add to the conversation, or simply despise what I have to say, leave a comment, share, and then go ahead and yell at me on Twitter @TheDumplingNut. I will be awarding select restaurants with a Dumpy, reviewing them with open, honest and hopefully personable reviews from an Average Joe (that’d be me). You can follow along her!

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I don't know if proud is the right word. But, it surely is pretty close to how I feel when sharing with you all. Keep up with new articles, reviews, and updates all (nearly) about dumplings!

ReviewRed Farm NYC - The Dumpies Review

Red Farm NYC - Holy $@!& That Was Stellar!

Red Farm NYC Star Rating As always, I love to start off with a plain and simple rating. Red Farm NYC gets a 4.8 Star Rating - such an easy score to hand out, and I can’t imagine this could drop any...

RecipesMake Way For the Momo! How to Make Nepalese Dumplings From the Comfort of Your Home

Make Way For the Momo! How to Make Nepalese Dumplings From the Comfort of Your Home

If you're a food lover, you might have already heard of, or even tasted, a famous dumpling called 'momo' a widely loved dish in Nepal. But if not, boy have we got a treat for you! Per the internet...

ProduceTrader Joe's Soup Dumplings Review - Is It Worth It? 100% YES

Trader Joe's Soup Dumplings Review - Is It Worth It? 100% YES

Yes, 100% yes these are worth it. I can’t say it loud enough, and if this is all you read from this, know that you should head to the nearest Trader Joe’s location and do yourself a favor by buying...

ReviewBeijing on Grove review & ratings The dumpies

Beijing on Grove Review RVA - Chili Dumplings

Hey there fellow foodies! Today, I had the pleasure of dining at Being on Grove in Richmond, VA. As soon as I walked in, I was caught off-guard by my partners friend (whom we had 0 idea worked ther...

ReviewPeter Chang The dumpies review & ratings

Best Peter Chang Dishes RVA - Pork Soup Dumplings

As a new budding foodie, exploring Asian-Cuisine and attempting to take on the Michelin Star system, with a more affordable and realistic approach. I don't want to break my wallet or yours and The ...

RecipesFour ingredient basic how to make homemade dumplings

How To Make a Dumpling? Four Ingredient Basic Dumpling Recipe 🥟

Are you a beginner? Never cooked more than a mean bowl of cereal? Well.. we’re starting together. Hi there! My name is Gregory Kulp, and I’m a hardcore fan of dumplings. But I know close to nothing...