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Yes… it’s The Dumpies. The next Michelin Star equivalent for those who love dumplings, Asian-Cuisine, and generally regards themselves as a ‘foodie’. I $&%@ love food unapologetically and if you enjoy dumplings and a hint of satirical rhetoric, this blog is for you.

NEW Blogs Release Bi-Weekly on Mondays! Next Drop June 17.2024. Here I want you to be able to explore with me some awesome restaurants that are well known, some that are off the map, and others that are small family-owned + ALL the inbetween. If you have suggestions, want to add to the conversation, or simply despise what I have to say, leave a comment, share, and then go ahead and yell at me on Twitter @TheDumplingNut. OR our new Discord Community! I will be awarding select restaurants with a Dumpy, reviewing them with open, honest and hopefully personable reviews from an Average Joe (that’d be me). You can follow along here!

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ProduceTrader Joe's Soup Dumplings Review - Is It Worth It? 100% YES

Trader Joe's Soup Dumplings Review - Is It Worth It? 100% YES

Yes, 100% yes these are worth it. I can’t say it loud enough, and if this is all you read from this, know that you should head to the nearest Trader Joe’s location and do yourself a favor by buying...

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I thought this would be a great extension of the foodie blog to invite conversations and trade local hotspots. Get reviews, recommendations, and even rankings from others who LOVE Asian-Cuisine and dumplings.

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